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Welded or wire bound tags: the choice of IMG Srl for the identification of carpentry components

IMG Srl is a company that offers an identification service for carpentry components through the addition of welded or wire-tied tags. This service is particularly useful for companies that produce large quantities of components and need to keep track of each piece to ensure the quality of the final product. The identification of structural components […]

The know-how of iMG Srl in Mechanical Mounting Processing

IMG Srl offers the market, based on specific customer designs, complete solutions for the production of welded steel structures, including the mechanical assembly phase of machines.PUT THIS PHOTO ……..attachedThanks to its knowledge and vast experience in the sector, the Italian company can meet the needs of the market by offering a high quality service. In […]

IMG is expanding

Industrial and Manufacturing Group provides plasma cutting services. Plasma jet is used for cutting sheet metal thickness small and medium with the ability to charge sheet thicknesses between 1mm and 35mm. CNC enables precision movement of the cutting head for the achievement of complex models with multiple circular or angular elements. Plasma jet cutting, making […]